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Get to know our newest addtion to the team: Nikolai!

Nikolai, the newest addition to our team, has quickly become an invaluable asset. We conducted a brief interview to help you get to know him better

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Fly in Immersion with the Potensic Atom

Are you ready to experience the full potential of the Potensic Atom in immersive First-Person View (FPV)? It is quite easy.

Have a look!

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How to connect DroneMask 2 and RC Pro

Recognizing DJI’s trend towards drones with integrated screens, we are happy to highlight how you can connect your DroneMask wirelessly with the RC PRO.
Read more here.

A person operating a remote controller with a built-in display, DJI RC PRO.

Turn almost any drone into an FPV drone

Looking for a way to turn pretty much any drone you already own into an FPV drone? One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do that might be with the DroneMask 2.

Full review over at The Drone Girl.

View through the DroneMask lens; a lush, green forest scene visible through the lenses.

Diving into the Skies Together: Co-Pilot with the DroneMask 2

Co-piloting and sharing the immersive DroneMask experience with others significantly enhances the enjoyment of your DJI FPV or Avata flight. Are you ready to bring a friend along for the ride?

Explore how to Co-Pilot.

Woman and man co-piloting with DJI goggles and DroneMask 2

Learn how to use your DJI RC 2 with DroneMask 2

Flying Filmmaker just released a comprehensive review featuring the DroneMask 2, where he shares a genius hack on how to connect the DroneMask 2 with the DJI RC 2.

How to use DroneMask 2 and RC 2.

Man wearing the DroneMask 2

FPV Goggles that Work with the DJI Mini 3 Pro or any Drone

Chad B, a well-known YouTube personality in the U.S. drone niche, recently put the DroneMask 2 to the test.

Explore Chad B's full review here.

Man operating the DroneMask 2

DroneMask 2 Review: Overpriced or Underhyped?

Does the DroneMask 2 provide a satisfying and immersive FPV experience? Or are you better off buying more premium goggles?

Read full Review at Pilot Institute.

Man operating the DroneMask 2

How DroneMask Is Disrupting the Drone Industry

"It’s rare that we hear about a new company that’s truly disrupting the drone industry. And yet DroneMask seems to be doing just that."

Read at UAV Coach.

View through the DroneMask lens; a lush, green forest scene visible through the lenses.

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