How we accidentally disrupted the drone industry

Learn more about the origin of the DroneMask.

The original MovieMask/DroneMask team, from left; Ingrid, Harald, Eirik, Rahal and Vilde.

Founded in 2016 by Norwegian students Eirik Wahlstrøm and Harald Manheim, our journey began with a simple realization: watching movies on a smartphone couldn't compare to the immersive experience of a cinema. This led to the creation of the MovieMask, a head-mounted display designed to bridge the gap, making the cinema experience accessible anywhere and anytime on a smartphone.

Eirik and Harald developed countless prototypes and collaborated with leading opticians to create the unique lens technology in the MovieMask. The result was a lens offering full-screen magnification of 2D content at short distances. It was specially designed to provide a comfortable, immersive viewing experience, minimizing eye strain.

Eirik and Harald got a patent for the lens, and it has been the heart of our value creation ever since. By simply inserting a smartphone or any display into the mask, the lens effortlessly enlarges any 2D content, transforming everyday media into unmatched immersive experiences.

In 2018, the patented lens was used to create the MagiMask. With this head-mounted display, users could transform their surroundings into an immersive AR environment, blending digital elements with the real world seamlessly.

In 2021, YouTubers began experimenting with using MagiMask to fly drones. And the results were pretty remarkable, leading many drone pilots to start adopting the MagiMask to fly FPV. The pilots shared their experiences on their social media, and more and more people started using the goggles to fly FPV.

Soon, the drone community took over as the primary source of sales. In late 2021, we pivoted to the drone sector, introducing the DroneMask 1, designed to provide drone pilots with an immersive, high-resolution experience when flying their camera drone. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received on our DroneMask 1 affirmed our ability to offer superior, immersive drone flying experiences.

In 2022, we followed up with our DroneMask 2, after one year of listening and taking notes of user feedback and wishes. This second version of the DroneMask introduced screen-access holes and included cables and adapters for an easy setup with any camera drone and any smartphone.

Today, the DroneMask 2 is used in all corners of the world.

Even though our focus remains within the drone sector, people still today buy the DroneMask and use it as a private cinema or immersive mobile gaming goggle.

With our suite of products, including MovieMask, MagiMask, and DroneMask, we've facilitated immersive content access for more than 20,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

Our Red Dot Design Award-winning masks, made with quality materials, offer a comfortable, stylish solution for enjoying immersive experiences.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to redefine the future of immersive viewing experiences.

Black and white head shot of Sandra, the customer success manager for DroneMask.

Sandra Elvheim
Customer Success Manager

Black and white head shot of Vilde

Vilde Wettergreen
Chief Executive Officer

black and white photo of nikolai against the wall

Nikolai Vinders
Operational Manager

Today's leadership structure is composed of Nikolai and Vilde, who oversee the business's day to day operations and broad strategic directions. Meanwhile, Sandra dedicates her efforts on a part-time basis to customer success, being the primary point of contact for email correspondence and social media interactions. The team collaborates closely with the original founders, who now serve as board members.