April 9th, 2024 | By Vilde Wettergreen

DJI RC 2 & DroneMask 2 🤝

Flying Filmmaker just released a comprehensive review featuring the DroneMask 2, where he shares a genius hack on how to connect the DroneMask 2 with the DJI RC 2.

This hack is particularly groundbreaking as it extends the compatibility of DroneMask 2 to encompass newer DJI drone models, including the DJI Mini 4 Pro and DJI Air 3, which feature a controller (RC 2) with a built-in screen
"With the Air 3 and connected HDMI monitor it's fun to fly with these DroneMask 2 goggles. Flying up and down a gravel road fairly fast just gives you an adrenalin rush that just flying from a screen can't give you" - Flying Filmmaker

How, you ask? Instead of connecting your controller with your smartphone, you need to use an external monitor, which you insert into the DroneMask. Take a look at the video below for the full explanation. 

Get your DroneMask 2 here.

- By Vilde Wettergreen, CEO of Immerse Optics.

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