The Ultimate FPV Camera Drone Experience

Simply insert your smartphone to fly in FPV

Camera Drone Goggles
The Most Immersive FPV Experience for Camera Drones



Fullscreen Experience

By allowing each eye to see the entire screen, the DroneMask gives 4x the resolution of conventional VR headsets that spilt the screen in two. The DroneMask is the only viewer that gives you a truly immersive experience with a smartphone.


Control Your Drone

Whether you are a professional or beginner, the DroneMask offers the most intuitive yet powerful immersive drone experience. All you'll need is the DroneMask headset and a data cable from the controller to the phone. Let our patented lens do the rest of the work in giving you a unique experience.

A Headset Ready For Your DJI Products

The DroneMask is compatible with DJI products and brings a whole new level of immersive FPV experience. By harnessing the power of your mobile phone, the DroneMask brings you the most stunning FPV experience.


"Now you can take high-quality immersive content on the go."

Designed for Comfort

Revolutionizing Lens Technology

Adjustable Lens Position for Comfortable Viewing Experience

Fits Glasses

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